ELG Haniel Group

ELG Carbon Fibre is a wholly owned subsidiary of ELG Haniel. For over fifty years, ELG Haniel has covered recycling and global trading in raw materials for the stainless steel industry.

Haniel GmbH is a family owned trading company. 

  • Owners - approx. 600 shareholders 100% family-owned since 1756
  • Corporate Governance - Separation of ownership and management
  • Group Structure - Four corporate divisions with totally different activities + Investment in METRO more than 800 companies in majority ownership
  • Corporate Divisions - focus on core businesses & market leadership € 25 bn sales in 2013

ELG Haniel Group is 100% owned by Haniel GmbH. 

Currently, ELG has more than forty operational locations worldwide, thereby offering one of the largest networks worldwide. With its competent contact partners, ELG's network is able to guarantee you individual and prompt service at any time. Our Headquarters are located in Duisburg,  Germany.

The goal of ELG Haniel is to remain the innovative, reliable and flexible partner which always faces the demands of its suppliers and customers as a new challenge. These characteristics have made us one of the global market leaders and we will endeavour to continue unswervingly along this path.

ELG GmbH is owned by the Haniel group.

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