Thermoplastics are cheap and largely reusable, with fast processing times and a wide range of fillers available including Carbon Fibre which can be used as an additive.

Strong and Lightweight 

Due to the range of properties and applications, carbon fibre is now finding increased applications in thermoplastics. This can be observed especially in the fast growing    automotive markets, where tangible ecological and economic benefits are achieved when lightweight construction is implemented on a large scale. 

Typically optimised carbon fibre parts are 70% lighter than Steel and 30% lighter than Aluminium parts. Thermoplastic composites will play a key role in the light weighting of vehicles due to the easy processability, lower cost and speed at which the parts can be made. 

Polymer range

Thermoplastic matrices that can be used in conjunction with carbon fibre fillers are polymers such as; PP, PA 6/66, PC   through to PPA, PPS and PEEK. 

ELG Carbon Fibre Ltd are producing a range of carbon fibre fillers, such as Carbiso™ MF, and Carbiso™ CT, with a wide range of sizes and comptabilisers treatments to cover the broad spectrum of polymers types.

Long isotropic fibres helps reduce processing time and a homogeneous dispersion within the compound.


  • High Strength
  • High Modulus
  • Low Density - Therefore weight can be reduced
  • Good Electrical Conductivity - Good for RFI/ EMI shielding
  • Dimensional stability and Low Thermal Expansion
  • Excellent Wear Resistance - Can be used in wear prone applications