Carbiso™ CT - Chopped Tow

Chopped tow in standard lengths 6mm and 12mm

Chopped tow carbon fibre in standard lengths of 6 and 12mm. Suitable for use with most thermosetting resins. Available in large quantities. 

When dispersed in a polymer, carbon fibres offer increased mechanical reinforcement and an increase in modulus. Carbon fibres are both electrically and thermally conductive, and polymers containing short carbon fibres can be customized for resistivity - from anti-static, through static dissipative to conductive. Chopped fibres offer higher structural and conductive properties than those of shorter milled fibres. 

The sized fibres are compatible with most thermosetting and thermoplastic matrix systems. 

  •  Fibre Diameter        (µ average)   7.5
  •  Fibre Length            (mm)            6mm and 12mm
  •  Fibre Density           TBD
  •  Tensile Strength      (MPa)           3150 (+/-10%)
  •  Tensile Modulus      (GPa)           220 (+/- 10%)
  •  Sizing                      (%)               1 - 1.5
  •  Bulk Density            (g/l)              350
  •  Packaging                                   15kg bags  

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