Carbiso™ MF - Milled Fibre

Milled carbon fibres are random short-length fibres

When mixed with a polymer, carbon fibre offers increased mechanical reinforcement and an increase in modulus. The short, random fibres that compose milled carbon fibre also add dimensional stability, resulting in components that are distortion-free. Carbon fibre is electrically and thermally conductive, polymers containing short carbon fibres can be customised for resistivity. From anti-static, through static dissipative to conductive. The unsized Milled fibres are compatible with most thermoset and thermoplastic matrices

  • Fibre Diameter    (µ average)    7.5
  • Fibre Length        (µ average)    80 and 100
  • Fibre Density       (Kg/m3)          1800
  • Tensile Strength  (MPa)             3150
  • Tensile Modulus  (GPa)             200
  • Sizing                   (%)                 0
  • Bulk Density         (g/l)                400
  • Packaging                                  17.5Kg Pillow style bags

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