Collection and Disposal

Our commercial carbon fibre recovery operation is currently able to process over 2,000 tonnes per year of carbon-composite waste. ELG Carbon Fibre will process scrap from all CFRP waste streams.

Types of waste that can be recycled

  •  Dry fibre - start up waste, conversion waste and intermediary waste i.e. bobbins or tow ends
  •  Pre-preg - out of date, manufacturing off-cuts and full or part rolls
  •  Laminates - all monolithic CFRP laminates, including trimmings, tooling, R&D and end-of-life components

Once the material arrives and is sorted and classified at our plant, a Certificate of Acceptance is issued stating that the waste has been accepted at an Environment Agency-approved facility for the purposes of recycling (EA Certificate no. EPR/NP3937GF). These certificates can be used for your own environmental audits.

For those wishing to send scrap material to us from outside of the UK, our team are able to assist customers in meeting regulations for the trans-frontier shipment of goods. 

For more information on recycling your waste please click here.