Recycling Carbon Fibre

Recycled carbon fibre retains many of its inherent advanced properties, even though it has been reclaimed from waste.

Effective methods of recycling carbon fibre and CF composites are key enablers for the development of future, high volume applications. 

  •  Cost.
  •  Legislative requirements.

Recycling is more than “cleaning the fibre”:

  •  Feedstock classification and preparation.
  •  Post cleaning quality control.
  •  Conversion to reusable, cost effective products. 
  •  Stable pricing - not affected by world-wide carbon prices, so we can hold prices stable on a long-term basis.
  •  Stable supply - not be affected by any carbon shortages when supply ‘tightens’.

Recycled fibres lend themselves to use in some very cost effective, high rate manufacturing processes.

Commercial solutions are now available for recycling carbon fibre based manufacturing waste and end-of-life products. 

Recycled carbon fibre products are now being evaluated and used more widely in the compounding and composites manufacturing industries.