Why Recycle?

Carbon fibre demand for 2015 is forecasted at approximately 68000 tonnes, equating to a 3 fold growth rate in 10 years.

From carbon fibre manufacturing to finished component production, approximately 18000 tonnes of this carbon fibre   will end up as manufacturing waste. 

The remaining 50000 tonnes will go into finished parts that will have to be disposed of at end-of-life. As CFRP   composites are now being used in components with shorter lives, end-of-life can be anything from 2-40 years.

The main drivers for recycling are cost and legislation.

  • In the automotive industry, EU legislation requires 85% of a vehicle to be recyclable  
  • Both manufacturing waste and end-of-life components can be economically converted into various carbon fibre products which are able to meet the technical requirements of many applications; this makes carbon fibre composites more affordable.